First Aid for Chemical Exposures

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When working with chemicals, there is the potential risk for someone to be exposed to the substance they are working with. Chemical exposures can cause serious harm to health, as well as lost time, legal action, and health and safety management targets being missed. While First Aid at Work training covers a range of potential injuries that could occur in the workplace, including loss of breathing or circulation, bleeding, and broken bones, our specialist First Aid for Chemical Exposures course can help you provide vital first aid in the event of an incident involving chemicals.


The First Aid for Chemical Exposures course is aimed at individuals who use chemicals, or work in an environment where chemicals are handled, and would like a better understanding of the type of first aid that can be performed following a chemical exposure. It is an obvious add-on for those who are already First Aid at Work (FAW) qualified.

Participants must hold a current First Aid at Work or Emergency First Aid at Work certificate.


  • How chemicals affect the human body.
  • How to recognise chemical burns.
  • How to protect yourself from contamination.
  • Prioritising casualties.
  • Safe removal of contaminated clothing.
  • Irrigation of affected areas.
  • The use of topical gels.

The course also includes practical scenarios with simulated casualties to fully test knowledge, skills, and procedures.

  • One Day

  • Cosaint Training / On-Site

  • Each trainee will receive a certificate of attendance upon completion.

  • Tea, coffee, refreshments & lunch provided.

  • Contact us for upcoming course dates.


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