Stress Awareness

[  HALF DAY  ]

This Stress Awareness course is designed to help participants understand how the causes of home and workplace stress can be dealt with successfully, how you can better cope with stressful situations, how employers can adapt the workplace to improve employee welfare, and how talking therapies can be used to control the levels of stress experienced.

Employers have a duty under the The Health and Safety at Work (Northern Ireland) Order 1978 to protect the health of their employees and this course provides a sufficient knowledge to be able to do so. The course also introduces a range of practical techniques that individuals can use to deal with stress and reduce it to a manageable level.


  • Module One: Identifying Stress
  • Module Two: Dealing With Causes of Stress
  • Module Three: Work Related Stress
  • Module Four: Coping With Stress
  • Module Five: Providing Advise & Starting a Conversation


By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Identify the symptoms of stress.
  • Explain what is meant by stress and work-related stress.
  • Explain the typical causes of stress in the workplace and at home.
  • Undergo a stress risk assessment.
  • Understand the importance of controlling stress and know how to cope with stress when it arises.
  • Identify what changes can be made in the workplace and at home in order to deal with the causes and effects of stress.
  • Understand more about the talking therapies that can help overcome stress.


Assessment is through individual and group exercises and an end-of-course multiple-choice test.

  • Half Day

  • Cosaint Training / On Site

  • Each trainee will receive a certificate of attendance on completion. This course is CITB approved for grant aid to levy payers.

  • Tea, coffee & refreshments provided.

  • Contact us for upcoming course dates.


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